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LAMS art club collection on display in Woodstock

LAMS art club collection on display in Woodstock
Irwin Goldberg
Art club visits Woodstock

Two dozen Linden Avenue Middle School students were able to experience what it is like to have their own professional art gallery opening.

A collection of art pieces created by the sixth-grade art club titled “Through The Eyes of L.A.M.S.” officially opened with a reception at the Woodstock Artists Association & Museum April 20. The exhibition runs through June 2.

The students and their families were invited to the reception, which was attended by more than 300 people. The students and art teachers then visited the museum on a field trip the following Monday.

“I think it makes them feel like they’re part of the art community,” art teacher Ana O’Keefe said.

She said the students’ exhibition was assembled with the professional appearance of any other display in the museum, with the pieces well lit and accompanied on the walls by the artists’ names.

The mixed-media pieces were inspired by the works of a professional artist, Kelsey Renko. In advance of creating their art, the museum’s Director of Education and Public Programs Tara Foley met with the art club to show examples of Renko’s work, as well as that of another artist, Ransome.

The museum then bolstered the prestige of the student collection’s opening by holding the opening for an exhibition from Renko on the same night.

Student artwork on display in Woodstock Artists Association and Museum

“The students get to see, this isn’t just a museum of artists who have passed on, these are real contemporary artists,” O’Keefe said, noting the kids were able to meet Renko during the reception. “I had some parents saying, ‘It’s not every day you get to see a middle-schooler’s art in a gallery.’”

During the field trip, the students toured the museum, viewed their exhibit and walked through the town of Woodstock with Foley.

“The show was fabulous,” said art teacher Claudia Brehse. “The kids did an amazing job. It was very cool. They were so proud to see their work.”

The museum is located at 28 Tinker St. in Woodstock, and is open from noon to 5 p.m. Thursday through Sunday. Visit for more information.

“This was the first time we did it, and we’re already booked for next year,” O’Keefe said of the collaboration with the Woodstock museum. “We’re going to make it a tradition of it in the art club.”