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Living Easy: Health & Wellness Tips

Staying healthy as a teen can prove to be difficult with how much access we have to social media, junk food, and technology. Making the right health decisions now can impact your whole life. Here are some important tips to stay informed and healthy!

1. Physical Health: Take care of your body by choosing a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, wearing sunscreen, and yup - brush those teeth!

2. Mental Health: Take care of your mind by learning ways to manage stress, maintain healthy relationships, find balance between school and social life, and remember don't take on too much! We all have a limit, know yours.

3. Emotional Health: Take care of your feelings by knowing the signs of mental illness, paying attention to your moods, ask for help when needed, and accept yourself (you are a beautiful, fun-loving, and kind friend/child/sibling).

4. Behavioral Health: Take care of your safety by avoiding substance use, driving safely, and avoiding violence. We care about your wellness all around!

 **Below you will find a infographic on the ABC's of a healthy life **

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