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Principal's Council elevates student voice at LAMS

Principal Stacie Fenn Smith meets with students

In it's third year, the LAMS Principal's Council meets monthly and provides students with an opportunity to improve the school and grow as the next generation of leaders.

Once a month, Linden Avenue Middle School student council homeroom representatives join Principal Stacie Smith for lunch. In addition to their lunch, each pair of reps bring along ideas, questions and concerns they have gathered from their peers. The primary focus of the each Principal’s Council meeting is how to improve the school.

The grade-level groups act as an additional communication link between staff and students, providing input on how to reduce peer conflicts, change cafeteria options, make an event more engaging or propose new features for the building.

“I love sharing my point of view and being able to take part in important conversations that could change the future of LAMS,” explained Isaac, a 7th grade homeroom rep.

One topic tackled recently was changing the format of a dance to include a variety of activities that had appeal to the whole school community. Another topic explored was adding water-bottle style fountains. Students proposed placement for the new fountains, they learned about plumbing constraints, brainstormed alternatives that met both student criteria and logistics. Principal's council students helped select the pieces for the recent playground build, and have been instrumental in improving recess for all. 

Communication is two-way with students bringing information gained back to their homerooms to share and gathering additional input from their classmates. Valuable student feedback helps shape future initiatives ensuring school changes are a hit with the student body.

According to Principal Stacie Smith, “It gives students an opportunity to build leadership and problem solving skills and gain valuable insight into decisions.”

“It also gives students a sense of agency by having a voice in school decisions,” Smith added.