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LAMS Library Makerspace:

The makerspace at the LAMS library affords our students the opportunity to explore, create and challenge themselves.  Students may drop in during their study hall or lunch period and use our fun and challenging S.T.E.M. based items.   



 These robots read color codes.  Students use S.T.E.M. skills to direct the robots through mazes they create. Students can draw mazes using markers and paper, or they can use one of our iPads with these robots.



This robot is great fun to work with. Sphero rolls on the floor as students direct it through codes
on the i-pad. 

OSMO Technology Have fun creating music or making tangrams with our OSMO Technology.  Use our Ipads and this fun technology to explore your creativity!

Cosmo jam
Cosmo tangram

Keva Planks

The sky is the limit with our Keva Planks! Students create fantastic structures and creations with these colorful planks.




A game of spatial reasoning that will amaze the user as they have a fun time trying to move the ball through the labyrinth.